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Musical flotsom and jetsum


Brian Schindele has been playing music for a fairly long while now, in a number of bands and countless solo projects. Most of these bands and projects came and went with little or no thought toward any kind of publicity or distribution. So consider these pages a combination library/graveyard for old tunes. This is an archival process, consisting of digging about and coverting old 2 inch, 1/4 inch, and cassette tapes, vinyl, CD's and some oddball proprietary formats. As we convert old media to CD/mp3, we'll make it available here. This is yet more music that bends genres and bounces merrily across formats. You may enjoy some of this, though most will not be available for sale. Please note that in some cases, cassette tapes are all we're able to work with, so if anyone out there has masters or first generation dupes of some of the earlier work, please contact bsmusic.