The Brickmen

                 The Brickmen was an attempt at producing music in an improvisational style. The band featured two drummers (Tim Vaughan and Skooter Fein), electric bass (Craig Byrnie), two guitars (Jeff Hirano and Chris Romero), sax (Philip Greenleaf) and keyboards (B.S.). The band played mostly original material, some of it using alternative notation and other loose organizational structures. The tunes could be the usual angry noise found in most improv bands, but occasionally the noise was rather joyous and sometimes even pretty. The Brickmen actually performed around a half a dozen times (two times more than Bozon) and recorded one three song demo tape. Two of the songs are included here, Skooter Fein's "Thinkin' 'Bout the Lady", and Brian Schindele's "Port Townsend".                 

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