Many years back, Brian was involved in a pop-rock-ska band, and wrote a couple of tunes for them. "Overall, it was pretty silly, but quite a lot of fun (though very hard on the ears). We toured a little (including our disasterous, Summer College Town/Ski Resort Tour) and played a lot of gigs both locally and throughout the west. A lot of this time is one big blur, due to the passage of time and various, ahem, recreationals." Here are four tunes three by Brian and one by bassist/vocalist Pat Smith.             
             There are plenty of videos on Youtube of this band, but here's a link to Undercover S.K.A.'s video of their single Souvenir (written by Brian and featuring him on lead vocals - ouch!) The quality is poor, but it's good for a few laughs...             

Or you could just listen to a few Undercover S.K.A. Tunes:

Souvenir Emergency Clam Bake

Scheherazade Conspiracy

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