Ordering everything else

               And yes, all of the rest of these CD's are for sale, but due to the extremely limited production runs and being essentially out of print they are offered through mail order only. Please note that unlike the moral, the rest of these are CDR dupes, not replicated CD's, or in other words, pretty much hand made. Thus, these all sell for $20.00 per CD and can take a week or so to ship.               

     Brian Schindele Trio        Playland               bs2005       
     the cübists        greatest hits vol. 1                bs2004       
     the cübists        Square Dancers              bs1001       
     Brian Schindele                Solo Piano               bs1002       
     Brian Schindele        Silver Linings               bs2003       
     Brian Schindele        Out Of Sequence               bs2006       

               Make out a check or m.o. payable to Brian Schindele, insert it into an envelope and mail it to the following address:               

% Brian Schindele
2300 22nd Avenue#1
San Francisco, CA 94116-2432


       Allow two-three weeks for production/delivery

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