(Seldom Asked Questions)

  • What is bsmusic?

  • Who is Brian Schindele?

  • Why no updates?

  • Where's the guestbook?

  • I'm having trouble downloading the song samples.

  • Are the CD's really for sale?

  • Can I see the cübists perform live?

  • Who is Dayle C. Hall?

  • Who was John Facenda?

  • Can I see Brian Schindele perform live?

  • Can I hire Brian Schindele, the Brian Schindele Trio or any of the other fine musicians associated with bsmusic?

    1. What is bsmusic?

      bsmusic is an independent label dedicated to the music of Brian Schindele. The sounds lean toward the eclectic side, and aren't everybody's cup 'o tea. The music ranges from pleasant (not to say muzak-like) solo piano to standard jazz, from country and western to weird pop, from new age noodling to old age puttering.


    2. Who is Brian Schindele?

      Brian Schindele (pronounced Shin-dell) is a San Francisco-based pianist, keyboard player and amateur hacker. Click here for a brief bio.

    3. Why no updates?

      Projects and health issues prevented regular updates of this site. We'll try to update more often, but that's not a promise.


    4. Where's the guestbook?

      Hackers with nothing better to do than mess with this poor little site forced us to disable this feature. Use the contact tags to say your piece, and maybe we'll cobble together better guestbook code and add your comments in the future.


    5. I'm having trouble downloading the song samples.

      If you are a broadband user, you should click on a green button. This will make a call to an m3u file that should stream the mp3 to your player (windows media player, winamp, real player, quicktime). If you are having trouble with your player, then download the file to a temp directory and play it from there.
      If you want to save the file by right clicking and 'saving as' (windows) or saving the file to a folder, then be aware that you have to save off a red button. Saving a file from a green button will only save an m3u file, not an mp3 file. This file will be small and will not contain any audio data. See below for further explanation.
      If you are a dial up user, you should click on a red button. You can usually make a decision to either save the file to disk (either accept the default or choose a different directory/path) or chose to open the file (it will then save the file in a temp directory).
      The file types for both red and green (after the m3u call) buttons are both mp3's, but the broadband files are for the most part much larger than the dial up files. This is because the dial up files are much further compressed (as mentioned above, you can not save the larger broadband files; they only stream). Unfortunately, the smaller the file size, the quicker the download, the worse it sounds. It's an unhappy compromise; the solo piano files in particular sound weird, but that's life. N.B. Dial up users can chose the streaming audio option, but you will probably encounter buffering problems (drop-outs, skipping, etc.).
      If you get a lot of drop-outs and stuttering, you can try bearing with it for one time through the tune, and then try it again. The tune should be cached at this point, and may play fine.
      If you still are having problems, you may wish to e-mail bsmusic's tech center. Please include some information on your machine, media player(s) installed and a brief description of the problem.
      At the risk of being overly pedantic, you should make also make sure that your speakers are turned up, your sound card works, etc.


    6. Are the CD's really for sale?

      A qualified yes. Newer product, like the moral and playland are. Early stuff is available on a one-off basis.

    7. Can I see the cübists perform live?

      Nope, the cübists all hate each other and are very private people to boot. It would take a massive amount of cash just to get them in the same area code, let alone on stage at the same time.

    8. Who is Dayle C. Hall?

      Dayle Carnegie Hall is a San Francisco-based writer and friend of bsmusic. He helps out with liner notes and the like from time to time. He is looking for a publisher, and we have offered him space to post some of his stuff on this site (because we can't pay him). The D.C. Hall page is password protected, so you'll need to contact us for a user name and password. Click here for for the Dayle C. Hall page.

    9. Who was John Facenda?
      John Facenda
      John Facenda was the voice for NFL films in the 1960's and 70's ("...on the frozen tundra of Curly Lambeau field...") What does this have to do with bsmusic or Brian Schindele? Absolutely Nothing.

    10. Can I see Brian Schindele perform live?

      Yes, occasionally. These days he does more private gigs than regular ones, and Gnesh knows the quality of pianos in San Francisco area clubs is a mixed bag. These gigs will be listed from time to time on a separate page.


    11. Can I hire Brian Schindele, the Brian Schindele Trio or any of the other fine musicians associated with bsmusic?

      Let's talk.

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