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• Bruce Kaphan
Bruce is a great pedal steel player, composer, arranger and engineer. Check out his quartert or his CD "Slider."
• Kurt Ribak
 My friend Kurt is a terrific bassist and composer.
• Tom Griesser
 Dynamite sax player and a very funny guy.
• Jango Mack
 Singer-songwriter. Gypsy Americana with an edge.
• Scott Lancaster
 Scott is a composer/pianist. I promised I would put his link up and never got around to it. We played electronic music back in the day.
• Brad Schreiber
 Writer, bother and agent provocateur.
• Misho Gallery
 Check out Misho's art!
The local jazz station in our neck of the woods. KSCM plays real jazz (not the ersatz new age stuff) and features great programming and a bright staff dedicated to keeping America's artform alive.
• San Francisco Giants
The home team.
• The Perry Bible Fellowship
I don't know him, but Nicholas Guerwitch is an amazing comic artist.
• xkcd
I don't know Randall Munroe either, but I often enjoy his web comic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
Streaming Korean videos.

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