The following is a loosely arranged group of links that have been of some help to bsmusic and are, in our humble opinion, worth checking out. Besides, some of these folks who run these sites have been kind enough to link to our site or include bsmusic in their listings, so they're more than ok in our book. These reciprocal links are marked (R).

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• Kurt Ribak
 My friend Kurt is a terrific bassist and composer.
• Tom Griesser
 Dynamite sax player and a very funny guy.
• All About Jazz
This is a great site for jazz radio station listings (many of them streaming) as well as interviews, reviews and, well, all things jazz.
• Song Storm
R SONG STORM is a nonprofit project of Open Studios, a 501(c)(3) organization located in Reno, Nevada, USA. SONG STORM represents a portal for bringing listeners, DJs/Internet stations, and artists together. This is another ambitious site and a terrific resource for the independent musician.
The local jazz station in our neck of the woods. KSCM plays real jazz (not the ersatz new age stuff) and features great programming and a bright staff dedicated to keeping America's artform alive.
• Finale Forum (now the make music forum)
The best music engraving program can also be the most obtuse. This forum has saved us on a number of occasions. Finale is still a great product, and they have gone a long way toward making it easier, though due to its complexity it can still drive you crazy. When the program's on-line help has you screaming and pulling out your hair, this place is a life saver. A little snooty (these guys are serious about music engraving) but a big help for Finale users.
• Johnny Costa
Yeah, this is the guy that did the music for Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Johnny Costa had a wonderful swinging style and was definitely under appreciated.
• Elmo Hope
This is actually someone's tribute site (I don't know the guy at all), but more people need to know about Elmo Hope, it's as simple as that.
• Jazz Resource Center
A fine compilation of useful links etc. related to jazz.
• Atlas F1 Nostalgia Forum
This has nothing to do with music. Ok, we're closet motorheads, so sue us. We've wasted countless hours of precious time reading about Nuvolari, Ascari, Clark, Fangio et. al. in what amounts to the worlds best forum for auto racing nostalgia. Very civilized, passionate and knowledgeable folks from around the globe discussing the history of motor sports. Be sure to check out the massive Chris Amon (a personal hero of B.S.) thread. The main site (Atlas F1) is a pay site on contemporary Formula One, and is the best site of it's kind.
• Pitpass
Chris Balfe's Motorsports site reports rather than cuts and pastes, is free, and has a cool editorial bent.
• Truthout
William Rivers Pitt's terrific news site for progressives.
More progressive stuff.
• Vexira Antivirus
We've been using Central Command's anti-viral programs for years now. The interface is a little kludgey, and the service response is less than ideal, but the program isn't overly invasive and it catches more worms and viruses than McAfee or Symantec.
• Zone Alarm
Hey, it's free. It's annoying having to deal with firewalls, but it's a jungle out there. Again the program's interface is less than ideal, but once configured it does a fine job. Did I mention that it's free?
• Mozilla
Home of Firefox, a very good web browser. If you're still using IE you're subject to spyware, adware, popups and all manner of malware. Netscape or Opera are other good choices.
• San Francisco Giants
The home team.

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